Fundati is a Specialty Coffee Shop and Roastery on a mission to empower souls to “Find their Fundati” What is Fundati? Our warm way of expressing groundedness; a term that explores something unique to each individual as you take a step back and explore deeper into yourself and the world around you. 

At Fundati, we value experience, quality, sustainability, and community. None of these pillars can be built without you: an integral cog in the wheel that is our community, the driving force and foundation to our entire hospitality operation. 

Are you:

Passionate about great coffee, food, and creating an experience around these? 

Excited by the opportunity to grow with a sprouting company?

Wanting to make an impact and difference in a booming industry?

A professional and reliable team player? 

Curious and comfortable asking questions?

Calm under pressure? 

Open minded?

Ready to be a part of the Fundati family?

We have 4 different roles, each with multiple spots available