At Fundati, we believe in Experiencing over consuming.

In the fast-paced world we live in today, everyone could use a moment, maybe even a few, to experience the little things again. The environment around you or a smile exchanged with another face. The steam coming out of your freshly poured beverage or that first touch of the warm mug. The sensation of your own breath moving through your body as you tune into yourself while waiting for your order, maybe even noticing your feet planted firmly on the floor, grounded.

There, you have found your Fundati. 


Our products are made with quality in mind from the very beginning.  From hand-picked farmers who grow our coffee beans and fresh produce, to the preparation of each cup or plate with methods that extract every flavor, and a warm smile that awaits you upon arrival, we strive to provide a wholesome experience on every dimension.

We choose to offer one size and a few classic brewing methods for our drinks because of our goal to provide the highest quality. We choose one quality cup, poured to perfection just for you, and hope that you will find an appreciation in this, too. 


Fundati is rooted in community.

The collective energy and enthusiasm surrounding Fundati is our reason for being. It drives us to be the best version of ourselves so we can offer you an experience that nourishes and satisfies your heart, your soul, and your belly. This is why we source, prepare, and serve our products with love and we can’t wait to share them with you!


As these little beans grow up from the ground,
we hope to bring them into your cup, without a sound. 

We bring the classic, old school processes and values of the espresso bar and hand poured coffee to meet new and modern technology. A staple for this sustainability pillar is The Bellwether, our ventless coffee roaster, that produces zero emissions as we roast coffee beans on-site, fresh for you. This, along with processes like small batch baking, sourcing eco friendly products, and composting, allows Fundati to drive sustainability at every step.



Hello everyone!

Alicia & Jay here and we wanted to share our “why” with you. Why a coffee shop and why Fundati? The idea to build our physical space was ignited by the vibrant yoga studio next door. Sharing a similar passion for building a community that supports a positive and grounding environment, we thought this would be a great place to plant our roots with our very first location. 

"Fundati"translated from latin means “to be grounded; stable; foundation”, which resonated at every level of our vision. Throughout the past year of building the business, we have fully embodied our inward looking phrase “find your fundati”. What this means to us is always asking “what do I need at this moment?”, and recognizing that it may result in an ever changing answer. Our hope is to support you on your personal journey to finding your fundati and provide great coffee to fuel it!


"Ittakes a village” is a phrase we fully embrace at Fundati. We want to highlight and thank all of the hands that are helping build Fundati, both literally at our brick and mortar shop and figuratively with our online brand and community. If you are reading this, you too are a part of our start up team and we thank you so much for being here. Welcome to the Fundati Family!